TurnKey can provide a wide range of installation services from installing a single relay rack, bay or cabinet to building out your entire office from the ground up.  We are an approved Tier 1 Vendor for AT&T in the 5 State Midwest region capable of completing CDOW (Customer Does Own Work) tasks.  We can install any fiber cable needs from a single fiber jumper to a multi count OFNR cable, as well as the running of signaling cables, e.g. DS0, DS1, and DS3.  Whether the infrastructure you are building is on a sub floor, hanging the cable rack from the ceiling or supporting from stanchion poles we have the ability to build out the entire office.  We have the experienced staff and equipment to handle all your power needs including installing BDFB’s, Power bays, Rectifiers and adding AC circuits.  We can calculate the proper power cable size and run and terminate anything from 6 AWG to 500 MCM back to the BDFB.  We install and turn up, test and accept (with Professional Services) all types of transmission equipment including DWDM, SONET and many other pieces of transmission equipment.   We pride ourselves on our quality installation.