Network Grooming and Switch Decommissioning

Network Grooming -- Here at TurnKey Network Solutions we have the engineering capability to move traffic between TDM switches or from a TDM switch to a soft switch. Our team of Telecommunications Engineers move services between 5ESS’s and between DMS’s (100’s, 250’s and 500’s) as consolidations take place and switch collapses continue throughout the industry. We have the staff and expertise to roll the traffic from 5ESS to 5ESS, 5ESS to DMS, DMS to 5ESS and DMS to DMS.

Another aspect of grooming is network related grooming if requested. Our team of Telecommunications Engineers and Network Engineers are grooming fiber equipment (DWDM, SONET, Ethernet, ATM, TDM, or other fiber equipment), DCS equipment and other related network equipment is what we do. TKNS has moved traffic from one DCS to another as well as between fiber systems as needed and we retain the capabilities to support these functions.

Switch Decommissioning -- TurnKey Network Solutions has the Telecommunications Engineers on staff to assist with the Decommissioning and Removal of TDM switches. Once all services have been removed from the peripheral or host, TurnKey has the ability to decommission the switch or component safely without jeopardizing the safety of the remaining traffic on the switch or traffic on the network. We have thorough knowledge, expertise and experience in the decommissioning of the TDM switches and we specializing in the 5ESS or DMS series of switches.


Rich Wendling
Sales Executive
TurnKey Network Solutions